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M. David Peterson

*WOW*! WOW, WOW, ****WOOOOOOW******!!!

Richard Waldvogel

[rubbing eyes, wiping tears]

The sun is going to shine a little bit brighter tomorrow. This is fantastic news and big props to the AWS team and Microsoft for making this happen, wow.

I'd love to particpate in the beta if you have anymore invites left.

Phil Derksen

This is fantastic news!

Simon Willison

Will I need to obtain my own Windows licenses, or will I just be able to pay X amount per VM per hour and "rent" a license as part of that hourly payment?

Kieran Benton

Absolutely fantastic news! What version of Win Server is this going to support and surely there are some licensing issues to be solved?


Will this require the end user to purchase the windows license or will there be an additional per instance hour charge?

Brent O.

YOU ROCK! Thanks, guys. I can't wait!

Tom Hearn

I am currently working on a product which is in beta, called ImapBack ( and this product would greatly benefit from using EC2 (it is all Windows-based). Is there any way I can obtain a membership in the beta program?

Great work guys, this will be another step at establishing your superiority in the cloud!

Yoav Shapira

How are you doing the licensing with Microsoft?

Jeffrey McManus

Exciting, but this will definitely all come down to how licencing works.


This is very exciting news. I hope to hear hints about the licensing as well, as this will be the deciding factor for most. If costs are way higher that may be a significant deterrent.


The level of community being fostered around ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC over recent months has really seemed to accelerate. It would be good to see Amazon not only providing this great sounding facility, but actively driving a community around it. As it really could get a huge number of people very enthusiastic.

Eric Mason

I wonder if this will be based on Xen or one of the other virtualization technologies that are better supported by Microsoft like VMWare or Virtuozzo.

Also, regarding licensing, Microsoft's Datacenter Edition seems to offer "Unlimited virtualization rights" so I would imagine it will be included.

I would also imagine it will cost more than the Linux-based instances.

Darren Stuart

I am really excited about this as I am a .net developer and do all my personal projects in .net for speed.

my only concern is the pricing for this will not make it a viable option for those with a tight budget. If its more than a vds I don't think it will be anywhere near as successful. However if it is then its game changing for windows web hosting which is much needed.


Will you be able to use your own Windows licenses?


now i will also planning to use Amazon EC2 with windows os

Travis Spencer

Will Windows Server 2008 be supported or only 2003?

Robert B. Morshe

This is excellent news. It provides total alignment between my current position and future plans. AWS should expect some immediate far more intense use of its resources - at least, I plan to -- while I build my AWS-centric solutions (just, please stay in business forever).

I'll be offering canned ERP solutions for a fraction of the usual price on Windows - AWS style - within 1 to 2 days from Windows on AWS launch date!

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