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How does this compare to Cloudability? What are the main differences?


Very nice addition! Together with EC2 Instance Usage Report this provides much needed added visibility on spend.

However, the "EC2" bucket is still way too coarse. This makes up 75% of my monthly bill, so while it's nice to see how the other AWS services compare, the meat of cost optimization still lies inside EC2 for me. Besides, EC2 covers a massive range of subproducts... on-demand instances, EBS storage, backup snapshots, load balancers, spot instances, etc. It makes sense to break it out.

The "Bills" page suffers from a similar problem. I can either see not enough detail with the EC2 subtotal, or I can expand the EC2 drill down and get way, way too much information.

Nick Lamming

Fantastic addition. I have been trawling the internet to find ways of extrapolating data out of the monthly billing. I don't know if you already have it in the pipeline, and only see bar graphs in the screenshots, but will there be added functionality to display the data via other graphical means (such as pie/doughnut charts)? It would be great to have a one-stop shop where I could extract data for my monthly reports instead of relying on third party apps.

Jeff Barr

Hi Nick, when I first saw pie and doughnuts in your comment I thought it would have to you my well worn "Mark As Spam" button.

let me know what else you need and I will pass it along to the team.


@Bahar - The Cost Explorer has similar functionality to Cloudability's free product. We think it’s important for companies to have at least this level of visibility which is why we’ve given that functionality away for the last three years. It’s great to see AWS support this now.

Our Pro and Enterprise analytics tools are focused on digging deeper into infrastructure efficiency, optimizing reserved instance purchases, and managing cost and chargebacks across the enterprise. Many of our customers (Adobe, Mentor Graphics, etc.) are managing thousands of instances across hundreds of accounts and use our sharing and alerting functionality to get the right info to the right person in the organization.

Feel free to drop us a line and we'd be happy to run through the practical differences.

Arindam Majumder

This feature is nice but only applicable for main account.

We have Main and lots of Linked account. If you login as Main account (root) you can see but if you login as Linked root account, you can not utilize this option. Not even Tag input.

Hope in future AWS will provide some features even for Linked root account as well so that each individual Linked account architect can see their spending as well.

Best Regards

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