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You mention things like "lower network latency" but on the surface I see little benefit of this new generation vs the old one looking at your pricing page...

m2.4xlarge 8 26 68.4 2 x 840 $2.976 per Hour
r3.2xlarge 8 26 61 1 x 160 SSD $2.775 per Hour

I get a 160 GB SSD instead of 1.68 TB of non-SSD local storage but otherwise they look largely identical. Can you elaborate on the "behind the scenes" benefits.

Kent Langley

Will there be ParaVirtualized (PV) availability soon? I only see a choice for (HVM) at this time.

Sebastian Toet

Is there any information available in which cases m2 instances can or can not be upgraded to r3 instances?

Nei Rauni

Why there are just weak EC2 in São Paulo?

Frank J.

When the r3 instances will come available? Our old m2 reserved is running out and still no r3 startable in ireland

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