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What's with the abbreviations of M/C/H/R/I/G anyway? How does that represent what you described? Why not just call it as you described it?

Jeff Barr

J: The short names are used in the EC2 API, and efficiently encode the family name and the generation.


There is one thing some m1s have: cheap, plentiful instance storage. If you're doing something data warehousey on a m1.xlarge, you get ~1.6TB of instance store you can sequentially read/write at approaching 400MB/s (a best case figure based on, uh, highly scientific experiments with the dd command just now). From that perspective it's like a tiny fraction of an HS1, but with a low cost for a small warehouse, too.

I have no idea if there's a business case for Amazon to offer new instances with disks beyond the HS1 (like instances analogous to the smaller I2s), but it's at least an interesting historical wrinkle that these otherwise largely obsolete instance types turn out to be solid on that one dimension.


New instances are great but why don't you let to migrate m1 reserved instances to m3?


i would second claudio on his question


Any chance that we'll see an m3.small in the future? The m1.small has a lot of utility for us. Thanks!

Jeff Barr

If you own Reserved Instances for a Previous Generation and would like to migrate to a Current Generation instance, think about selling your existing RI's on the Reserved Instance Marketplace.

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