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Erm, quite possibly one of the most anticipated and needed features of AWS :)

Thank you.

Brandon Adams

In my testing, it's not true that Connection Draining is enabled by default for newly created load balancers. It's simply an option checked by default when creating load balancers through the console.

Creating a load balancer via CloudFormation or via an API call results in a load balancer without Connection Draining enabled.

Jeff Barr

@Brandon, you are correct and I have updated the post. Connection Draining is enabled by default for ELBs created from the console.

Nick Lamming

Another great feature that I have been waiting for nicely ticked off my list. Thanks Jeff and thanks to all the guys in the background working hard to make these features available.


Awesome, I don't see any way to enable this through the Elastic Beanstalk APIs options though.
Do we need to find which ELB our apps are using and then update their attributes separately? :(


Does this mean that you no longer need to Remove an instance from the LB before restarting (assuming there is no in-flight traffic) you can just go ahead and restart the backend instance or must you still remove the instance before restarting it?


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Tim Edwards

\0/ Now you can actually scale down without interrupting traffic! Next you're gonna tell me I can programmatically direct traffic to specific backend servers based on layer7 inspection?


THANK YOU! The long wait is finally over!

Pink Mist

JFC!!! About time this came out. Thank you.

Thomas Witt

Is that also integrated with OpsWorks?


Regarding the integration with auto scaling, does connection draining happen when auto scaling with spot instances? Specifically when instances are being terminated by AWS due to the price going up, are connections drained first?

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