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Andre Bruton

Is it possible to turn the indexing service on and off and only run it , say during office hours. $100 pm is still expensive for us. For my wifes small business, she might want to search documents twice a week. I want to activate the service when she needs to do searches.

Shane Smith

That's an amazing set of feature improvements! Great job by the Cloudsearch team. The new region availability is particularly exciting - up until now Cloudsearch's great ~10ms search response rate was being dwarfed by the round trip between regions for us.

Any news on reserved instance pricing?

Marcos Loiola

Really nice!! I'm sure that I'll use these features soon.

Is there some place that I can found some samples of Proximity Search and Geographic Queries?

Tks a lot

Jon Handler


You can find examples of geographic search here: and proximity search here: (search for "near"). Details for the search API are here:

In brief, you issue a proximity search (phrase search with slop) like this:

search?q=(near field=title distance=3 'star wars')&q.parser=structured

You can issue a geographic proximity search employing a bounding box and with a filter query (or in the main query) based on a range search over a latlon field like this:


Finally, you can sort by range like this:

q=restaurant&expr.distance=haversin(35.621966,-120.686706,location.latitude,loc ation.longitude)&sort=distance asc



This is great! MindTouch is all in on CloudSearch. Very excited.


Can anyone share a couple examples of eCommerce companies that are now using CloudSearch? Amazon is now marketing it as an eCommerce solution but I have yet to find a single example of a company using it for eCommerce search and faceting.

robson marchetti

Can I create multiple indexes(domains) in one server, or each index requires its own server?

Jon Handler

Hi Robson,

Each CloudSearch domain manages a single index across one or many nodes (servers), depending on the data size and total traffic to the domain.

You can create multiple search domains from the same AWS account - limited to 100 by default, but contact us if you need that limit raised. You can use this form: to request a limit raise on the number of domains or the number of servers.


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