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John Hayden

Maybe I'm confused this morning but I can find NO reference as to where to find this functionality on the AWS Management Panel!

Jeff Barr

John, did you enable the EC2 Preview Console?


Really great to see this feature Jeff. Be even better if the option in the console to enable it wasn't hidden at the bottom of the "Description" tab in the load balancers section of the console.

Jeff Barr

Carl, thanks for the feedback. I have added another screen shot to the post in an effort to alleviate this issue.

Don Barthel

Like John, the "Access Logs:" setting on the Description tab does not exist for my load balancer. Did you forget to 'deploy' to us-west-2b? ;)

Taylor Lilley

Is there any chance we can get user agent added to the logged fields? That would be massively useful.

Jeff Devine

Can you provide an example of adding permissions to a bucket for a particular load balancer? The docs note that there are no ARNs for elastic load balancers so it isn't clear how you'd write a bucket policy.


Cody Benkelman

Brief note to Don Barthel - when I use IE9, I see the access logs setting, but when I view the AWS console for my account, the area at the bottom of the Description tab (below "VPC ID:") is blank.

Cody Benkelman

Sorry, that last post didn't make sense. I meant to say "when I view AWS console USING FIREFOX 26.0, the bottom is blank..."

Paddu G

I do see a large white space below the VPC ID row - using Chrome browser. Refresh did not help. Probably some CSS issue?

Paddu G

It seems the issue is in the old console. If I switch to the new console, Access Logs option is visible below the VPC ID row.

Matthew C. Rice

Tying in with some of the previous posts, if you're looking to do this via the AWS console, this is only available in the *new* design. At least as of this writing.

Tristan Slominski

Fun fact, we can turn Access Logs from ELBs into a really scalable AWS "Simple Log Service." I wrote more here:

Shannon P

Good to see there's finally a way to get some logging out of ELB's.
Pity there's not more logged though (User agent and Referer come to mind) and there's no way to customize which fields are logged.

Jim Smith

+1 for User Agent and URL Referral - as it makes it much easier to troubleshoot/diagnose without going through to the web server itself

David Furlow

I, too, do not see this entry in the "description" tab.
I do see several entries here about a "new console".
I cannot find anything about how to switch to a "new" console, and the part in this blog about the enabling the EC2 preview console is just a png file with no link.


How does one enable the preview console? I don't see the popup.

Jeff Barr

I apologize for the difficulties that some of you have had in finding this feature!

I have added two screenshots to the post in an effort to clarify the situation.

Julio Quierati

to enable go to EC2 Dashboard -> NETWORK & SECURITY -> Load Balancers, and click the img above

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