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Evgeny Goldin

Hi Jeff,

Deep linking of SGs and EIP from EC2 instances is a great start! It would be nice to have the same for VPC ID and Subnet ID so one can visit instance VPC or Subnet in a single click as well.

Jeff Waugh

Great usability fixes! I appreciate the attention to detail in the new Security Group editor -- source drop-down includes "My IP". :-)

Teddy Chan

Please add Filter "availability zone" in the instance page.
As I have east-1a, 1-d, etc..
it is very hard to filter for specific zone instance.


Good addition, something must have from security point of view.

Madhu Neal


Gopalakrishnan Balasubramanian

Deep linking is nice. We would need deeplinking where ever possible to link our resources across daah boards.

Also, one of the feature I am waiting for is 'Terminated Instance' details, we are in need of this feature so that we can track our AWS Billing accordingly. If this is already in your upcoming changes, can you please let know when we might get this? If this is not already on your features list, can you please add this and confirm?

Appreciate your confirmation.

Thanks :)


can you please consider adding a note field to security groups' rules.
That will help to remember rule meaning.

Sebastian Toet

Linking improvements are appreciated. One more request in this area: Can we have a list of all snapshots of a selected EBS volume?


Deep links helps a lot, Thanks! Please continue don't stop! (instance-volume, ami-snapshot)

A Lahiri

Great features. But any idea when will detailed billing be available for linked accounts?

Ronnie Schwartz

Please Please Add Notes to Security Group Inbound Rules. Want to know who we are allowing in. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Jon Nials

Very handy. Now if I could just add comments to my security rules... :)


Good fixes. We really need the ability to add friendly names for our subnets in VPC.

Aaron Roydhouse

I like the UI updates but the animation/fades that come with them are a huge drawback for people working long-distance by RDP. The fade in/out on pop-ups everywhere make using the new UI vastly slower than the old version. I am sure some people like them, but suggest a user preference for 'reduced animation'.

Felix Rabinovich

It would be great to get the list of EC2 instances that are associated with a Security group. I am trying to delete what I think an old obsolete security group, but all I get is "An error occurred deleting your security group. resource has a dependent object"...


Hi ,

Could we have a comment or description or tag field on the security group details page?

This is the page which lists which CIDR/IP and EC2 groups has access to the given Servers security group, and would be nice to add some description to each line to remember later what/why they were added and would not need to look up the IP addresses to see what it is...

Alan Kiddell


I second the tags for inbound rules. We have colleagues with dynamic IPs and it would be so good to read whose rule is whose as well as describing all our public rules.

But for now I have multi value OR'd '|' searching in instances back again. Happy :-)

Brian Tarbox

I appreciate the improvements but how about addressing some of the long standing problems with the existing pages. All of these issues have been around for some time and many of them were made substantially worse the last time the pages were updated.

- the AWS console is slow overall
- In the EC2 instance display you can not search on all columns and you can't tell which columns are searchable
- when flipping between pages all settings are lost. For example if I'm viewing a filtered set of instances and need to look at AMIs the filter I had selected is lost when I return to Instances
- many important options when creating an instance are either a) below the fold on the web page, or have absurd defaults (create a new security group for each instance?)

It would also be great to be able to associate a name with the various rules of a security group.

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