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Usman A Shami

Really cool feature which would help enable powerful scenarios for Dynamo DB consumers. Congrats on the launch.


Excited to start using global indexes! When will the DynamoDB Local test tool support them?


This is great news! I just wrote a little blog post with a few Java code examples how one can use global secondary indexes in a Java application:


This is great! Will make dynamo much more usable.


Conceptually, it sounds like a Global Secondary Index is just another table, where updates are quickly synced between them?

Matt Penner

I agree, it sounds like a table is being created behind the scenes with just those projected attributes, which is what an index fundamentally is. I'm assuming the index will be updated with little latency but it would be nice to see what we can expect.

Beyond that, I assume we still can only query based off of two values whether we are using the LSI or GSI? It seems we can create up to 5 GSI's but only 1 or 2 indexable fields with projected attributes. No ability to query against 3+ attributes or use joins.

Oh Chin Boon

@Stevearc yes, DynamoDB Local supports Global Secondary Index. Download

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