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You mentioned "Windows 7 desktop experience" and not one of the standard Windows 7 flavors (Starter/Home Basic/Premium/Pro). Is that because it's Windows Server 2008 themed to look like Windows 7?
Or does Microsoft permit cloud-hosting Windows 7?


Also, can we access the remote desktop via a browser, or does it require using a specific PCoIP-client?
Thanks for this WorkSpaces platform. This can help quickly get around a lot of hw provisioning issues :)

kevin tam

wish to know if microsoft vda license is needed from customer side.


Does it come with Microsoft Office? As a SPLA provider can we offer Office on the desktop? What is the client that has be installed on the desktop or thin client? Is it all browser based? Can it run on from thin clients?

Mike Minnix

So our company IT can load the virtual desktop with programs such as AutoCad and I can use AutoCad on my Note 8?


$50 per month for a Standard-Plus account = $600 per year. That is too high. Will be willing to adopt this at half that price.


Bit off topic, but what email client is that?

Jeff Barr

@Rus, I use for my personal email.

andrew wood

does the $35 include the microsoft license or do we have to supply that separately?


Holy moly!

Stuart McLaughlin

@andrew wood - it looks like the 'Plus' version of each package includes the MS Licence.

This looks very cool though - one question, are the machines 'elastic' i.e. it possible to toggle between a Standard and Performance machine without having to reprovision?

Hans ten Berge

Interesting development to follow, what about service agreements and if it does not work? any guarantees, what is the penalty or risk acceptance of Amazon?

Steve Bernard

Integration with corporate AD is specifically called out but, are other enterprise management tools for provisioning, management, and monitoring also supported? Can a custom AMI be developed for the purpose of deploying client software and configuring custom configurations? Can the WorkSpaces VPC be accessed through DirectConnect? Does the offering support standard PCoIP compliant thin-client endpoints, such as Dell's Wyse line?

Hans de Jongh

as far as i understand you are allowed to bring your own software. But microsoft doesn't allow it to bring you own office license. How can you control this?

David Stanfield

What about educational institution usage? Any plans for that?


Not sure of use case for students.

If I need a laptop for 2 years, I would prefer buying a laptop for 1500$[with decent graphics card for games] and pay monthly payment of 75$ for 2 years than [Performance Plus - $75 / user / month & a cheap desktop to connect to].

Incase you are talking about university giving it for students. They typically have very powerful machine and give access to all students to connect to, usually will be unix machine.

Brandi Groft

Is the Windows 7 "experience" 32-bit or 64-bit?

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