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Thanks a lot!

Josh Berkus

Welcome to the PostgreSQL "family", Amazon.

--Josh Berkus

Ngure Nyaga

I've been waiting for this.

Scott M

Very excited to see this! Congrats, and thank you! We've been using postgres on heroku, it will be interesting to compare from a features/cost/performance standpoint.


Thrilled with this.

AWS is doing a lot of great stuff but this really checks a box off where this is EXISTING demand.

PostgreSQL is something in use already and having it available in this manner is going to take a good bit of pain out of a lot of developers lives.

Thank you...


This is what many businesses have been looking for long time!


thanks a lot, a bit late but still, thanks


Awesome - most important and long waited service. Thank you Amazon for making this happen.


This is awesome!


Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

Can't wait to try it!

Thanks Amazon!

Sef Kloninger

- Transactional DDL
- Full text
- JSON queries

Looking forward to getting my hands on this.

John W

Awesome! Been hoping that PostgrSQL would become an available option soon!


It rocks, definitly !


Thank you so much AWS!!

Andy Barr

Oh my gosh. Wow! Wow! ... I am so happy!

Juan David Gutierrez

Excelente noticia, cuantos años esperando para tener esta solución disponible!


woho thanks


Awesome! Thank you AWS!!!


Sweet! Made my year.

Eric Champigny

I'm disappointed they didn't build it with support for the xml type, which has been available in PostgreSQL for a long time already.

Mark Spicer

Oh wow, excellent news, a huge thank you again to the people at AWS - perfect timing for us to start migrating all our local systems onto AWS and start building new ones! Many thanks.




Finally!!! We've been developing a brand new social network having to rely on MySQL (because the RDS features are a must) rather than our favoured PostgreSQL. Now we can get to work switching our development to PostgreSQL.


Recently I've been doing pros and cons between AWS and Rackspace for our new project, as we use Postgres this announcement basically makes AWS a no-brainer.

Arne Solheim

Been waiting a couple of years crossing fingers for this to happen. PostgreSQL + PostGIS support on RDS is probably the best news for us so far this year in regards to new offerings from AWS - Thank you(!)

Mike Fisk

We've been hoping for this! Thank you!

Bryan Everly

This is spectacular news. An outstanding truly open source, powerful data platform with support like this from Amazon. Incredible.

Thank you Amazon.

Tom Fleischer

Was hoping to try some PostGIS functionality. What do I have to do to enable that extension on my database in RDS?

Daniele Conte

Great! In my company we are very happy for this news. We will use Amazon AWS with this new feature. Thank you very much


As a PostgreSQL developer (e.g. JSON type) I'm very excited about this. Good move, Amazon!

There are some things that seems to be sadly missing. Someone above mentioned XML support, and my list includes the pg_stat_statements and auto_explain modules, and also the ability to require that connections be made over SSL.

Now we in the PostgreSQL community know that we don't always get everything at once - often features take several releases to shake out. But I think the above list of things should be high on Amazon's list of features to add.

Robert Kusizinger

Brilliant! Not now, but later I'll need it for sure. PostgreSQL is the No.1 for us. Thanks!

Nicholas Riegel

It is about time. Thank you! Now we have a reason to use RDS for our OpenERP needs.

Gregor Siwinski

Finally! Fantastic news, already migrated PG databases to RDS and works great!


Fantastic news.

Stewart Howell

Well done AWS.
You're the guys who listens and responds to your customers.

Brian G

Been waiting for years on this, bravo! Excited to see what happens with Heroku apps that use PG now.

eduardo toribio

I can´t help it, I am about to run a test right now! :)

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