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So, if I understand correctly, the host OS and root file system will still live and run of EBS, right?

Ron Cohen

Hasn't actually showed up the reserved instances page yet.


There is a mention of requiring "proper drivers" to get the enhanced networking performance. What drivers are these?


can you confirm that this is AVX, not AVX2, right? ie. are the CPU's Sandybridge or not?


Can anyone point me to documentation on how to configure the SSD instance storage as a local cache for EBS volumes?


Great news! Is there already a benchmark available how these instances compare against the c1 instances?



This is welcome news.

The hourly charges shown here are for Linux although I can't see this stated anywhere - had to check on the Pricing page - this a bit misleading on first read of this blog post.

Do you know when the Pricing Calculator will be updated?


Paul Spideo

Will it be available on US West North California ?

Jeff Barr

@Filmackay - The C3 instances use the Intel Ivy Bridge architecture.


Can u inform me of the networking & latency improvements in C3? Does C3 include 40GB/s ethernet or better? Thanks,


Will this be included in calculator?


The local storage used in these instances.. will it be ephemeral or persistent by default ?


When they are going to be available for use with ElasticBeanstalk?

we see some missing instance like cc1, cr1 when you want to launch the instance by the panel. what is the reason.

Jason Stubblefield

Jeff, These are still way more expensive than Digital Ocean, which has provided us stability we could never achieve on Amazon. The unpredictable pricing has led us to all but abandon EC2 for How about some monthly caps so this service is affordable to non fortune 500s? Sorry to be so critical, but it really seems as if you design great products then throw in 1 wacko feature to completely screw it up. Charging for IO is a big mistake. When we can predict our bill, we might consider using these. ~Jason


Can I have this "enhanced networking" on other instance types?

Sergio Mafra

Why not put the c3.8xlarge in a 10 Gigabyte network like the cc2? For mpi processing this could help a lot...

Jeff Barr

@Maciek_Majewski - These instances are now available for use with Elastic Beanstalk in all supported regions.


@Jeff: thanks for the update.



Hello Jeff,

I did not found any ami which supports the instance. and because of that we are not able to create instance for c3.2xlarge. Do you know any AMI which supports the c3.2xlarge instance?

Ian H

If the predecessor was running the Intel Xeon E5-2680 v1 (8cores) to produce 32 vCPUs, why is the new E5-2680 (10 cores) v2 still only being sold with 32 vCPUs. Won’t this be 40 vCPUs?

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