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This is fantastic. Thanks!

Mike Wedderburn-Clarke

That is fantastic, thank you.
This was high on our request list.

The follow-on request to this is to not have to select instance size for RIs in the first place.
We should only need to specify the effective compute units.

In addition, why do we still need to specify if the resource is VPC or not?

But again, thank you very much for this change!


This is great news. One question: how strict is the grouping? Specifically, will RI units that overlap but don't have _exactly_ the same end time be available to combine?


Nicolas Fonrose (Teevity - cloud spending analytics)

And now we're ready for a real increase in RI usage among AWS users ! Looks like the Sept announcement regarding AZ flexibility was just the beginning of several RI related good news :-)

I definitively agree with Mike that the next (logical) step is now to remove the instance size requirement altogether and just express RIs in terms of compute capacity (and instance family, because AWS still needs visibility on that parameter). The VPC part also needs to go away, especially since new AWS accounts have VPC enabled by default for all EC2 instances.

PS : Interesting challenge for all RI recommendation engines ! Especially if we've got a new change next month :-)

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