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Sven Ramuschkat

This is great! Thanks Amazon AWS.


This a terrific add - we (at )automatically report on instances that appear mismatched to available RI and had repeatedly seen this issue.

Our customers had been using the alert to relocate (when practical) to the purchased AZ. Now, they can simply relocate the RI -- a much simpler solution.

Congratulations to AWS for staying customer focused!

Nicolas Fonrose (Teevity - cloud spending analytics)

This is very good news! Flexibility is very much needed to increase usage of RIs among AWS users.

To make RIs a real no-brainer, AWS should let users modify the instance-type associated with RIs *provided the users keep the same total amount of ECU and stay in the same region*. One RIs could be split into several smaller RIs or several RIs could be combined into one.

Users wouldn't be locked to an instance type anymore, and AWS would still keep visibility into how much compute power users plan to use in the coming month/years.

But I guess it's better for AWS to know exactly which instance-type users plan to use. And it might make pricing of RIs even more complex.

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