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Fred Janon

Can we add more conditions on the query on top of the RadiusRequest? Like a few categories (park, coffee shop, grocery store)?


A Node.js version of this library would be helpful.


Fantastic time saver - thank you. Polygon queries would also solve a lot of use cases.

Usef Ksa

We need Node.js version ASAP.

David Rehagen

Right after DynamoDB came out we implemented a system to store and query spatial data in DynamoDB.

You tube presentation..

Overview & Sample Code

David Rehagen

Andrey Klimovskiy

Do you have plans to add the full geo spatial support for different types of objects (something like SQL Spatial Extention for SQL Server)?
Adding Lines, Polygons, MultiPolygons, possibility to set type of legs (great circle or loxodrome), intersections, distances, etc.

David Rehagen

One thing that would really help, and maybe this has already been added, would be to the ability to bundle multiple queries into one request and have the results merged and returned in one result set. This would make implementing a spatial Q-Tree index, like I had written above, execute much faster and be more viable.


Nodejs Library please.
At least give us the geohash lookup table. We'll build the library ourselves.


I am voting for a .Net library, please...

Simon Says

Please add to mobile sdks so that location data can be inputted to dynamoDB directly.

Simon Says

Please add the capability to perform more complex queries e.g. based on timestamp

Simon Says

Can I suggest having an Android sample app as well?


Could you add this processing (s2 stuff) to the server side, so we can use other languages to access this cool feature?


There seems to be a C++ library so I will wait for your Ruby version soon.


It took me a few minutes (untested) to bubble up the lastEvaluatedKey from the query thread in my fork (, so it can be used with withExclusiveStartKey(); with the same query at an app level loop; if you could do that in some form in your official version it would be great.

Omar Shibli

What's the default cell width, is it possible to config this value?

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