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This is a very neat idea. Should open up some interesting testing and development possibilities for us. Kudos to the DynamoDB team!

Joao Sousa Franco

Really really good idea. It will be very usefull. Just one thing, when i tried to run using the following line:

java –Djava.library.path=. -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar

i got the following error:

Error: Could not find or load main class –Djava.library.path=.

What i did was to run it like this:

java -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar

Maybe some problem with the jar construction?


Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to suggest adding the Go library to the list ,
It supports dynamodb (as well as S3, ELB, EC2, ...) and although it is by no means complete, it is being used by many, including us and it has a few contributors that are making slow but steady progress (You know it is hard to keep up with Amazon technologies)



As a note, Apple's Java 6 won't run this app. Upgrading to Oracle's Java 7 from enabled this app to run.

Ankit Gujjar

i just download both thing --
- java 7
- local dynamo DB

but could find the way to to properly install local dynamo DB


As a side note, I implemented a similar tool for SQS:

Thomas Weller

Great news! I've been waiting for this.

Finally I am able to integrate DynamoDB-related unit tests (C#) into my test suite and let them run unattended in a CI environment. I will check it out as soon as I find the time...

- Thomas

Kristian Ačkar

Like Joao Sousa Franco, I have the problem. When starting jar error occured
Error: Could not find or load main class –Djava.library.path=.

In the directory with dynamodb desktop client I run command: java –Djava.library.path=. -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar

What's the problem?

Account Deleted

This is a good idea but it should be integrated into the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. In which case, it should be based on JRE 6 and not 7. Indigo is the recommended Eclipse version for the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse and JRE 6 is the recommended JRE for Indigo. Switching between JRE's is not a huge issue but simpler is better.

Joe Zulli

Great tool and really helpful for testing and continuous integration. I can't wait until someone makes something like this for Cloudsearch :).

Deepak Modak

Good news!
I read above comments, few are struggling in installation.I worked-out for my linux system.Hope it may help others.

tar -xvf dynamodb_local_2013-09-12.tar.gz
mv dynamodb_local_2013-09-12 /var/lib/dynamodb_local

vim ~/.bashrc
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH = $LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/var/lib/dynamodb_local
source ~/.bashrc

java -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar

Ankit Gujjar

hi guys this side most of you r confusing how to install local dynamo DB here is solutin....

1).download java and install this will goes your c drive program file anyway
2).now download dynaolocalDB and put in that directory where you want to work
3).unzip it
4).now just know where java install i mean path like C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin
5).open cmd (comand prompt) and set java path like set path="C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin"
6).now go that dir where you put your dbdynamoDb like C:\developer\node_modules\npm\dbdynamoDb
copy n past this $ java –Djava.library.path=. -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar
if error then
java -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar
still error then specify port
java -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar -- port8050

hope you like it then just mail

Kristian Ačkar

Hi, is it possible somehow to easily export data from production dynamodb database and import them into local database?
I'm not so familiar with dynamodb but it would be great if I can do export/import data like in e.g. MySql. Is that possible with dynamo?



which option specifies path where to store the database file?




when creating a database with the AWS-SDK-Ruby I'm getting an error: "AWS::DynamoDB::Errors::InvalidAction: The action or operation requested is invalid. Verify that the action is typed correctly."


AWS.config(:use_ssl => false,
:dynamo_db_endpoint => '',
:dynamo_db_port => 8000,
:access_key_id => 'xxx',
:secret_access_key => 'xxx')

s3 =
:access_key_id => 'xxx',
:secret_access_key => 'xxx',
:region => 'us-west-2')

s3.tables.create('foobar', 10, 5)

=> AWS::DynamoDB::Errors::InvalidAction: The action or operation requested is invalid. Verify that the action is typed correctly.

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