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Aravind Krishnaswamy

Hey Jeff,

Will this Auto assigned public IP be static? Does it behave the same way as an EIP does?


Jeff Barr

Here is how it works:

• When the instance is stopped, the publicIP is removed, just like Classic. When the instance is started, it gets a new publicIP, just like Classic.

• You can still associate an EIP with an instance with a publicIP, just like Classic. When you disassociate the EIP, a publicIP is assigned again, just like Classic.


Will the outbound connection from an instance in VPC be coming from public ip or private ip. In the past even if we attach an EIP the out bound connection appears to come from private IP. Please clarify.


Still no ipv6 for vpc ELB? Need this asap.

Phil Howard (aka Skaperen)

This feature is degraded in us-west-1 (N. California) because the "Public DNS" field (and its metadata equivalent public_hostname) are providing empty data. Instances can get public_ipv4, but users of the web console interface cannot see the IP address (because the instances page has no column for it) or hostname (because this feature is broken). A workaround is to look at the network interfaces page where a column is available to show the external IP. This problem does not exist in us-east-1 or us-west-2. I have not tried others.

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