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If anyone wants to use this feature with services that don't support proxy protocol natively, this might be helpful. A fork of 'stud' with proxy protocol->x-forwarded-for support:

Vivek Malik

Does ELB use haproxy to load balance under the covers?

Jeff Barr

@Vivek - I will check with the team, but I don't believe that it does.

Josh Dague

The node.js example in the post is a little useless since you can't actually use the proper http module with it. I've put together a module that wraps any node Server class with the logic necessary to parse the PROXY protocol and set socket.remoteAddress to the correct value. It allows you to use the builtin modules (http, https, net) normally.


Hi, does new feature support keepalive feature or we still have only 60 second timeout?

Baptiste Assmann

More about the proxy-protocol and list of compatible software:


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