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Would be cool to not have to sign in with our main admin account to open a support request at the developer level.

Ben Amada

@Lrauf, additional people can be added as support contacts and they can open support tickets.


I am REALLY trying hard to use the Support API but to be blunt it looks like you said there are 'code samples' at that link because someone told you there were samples there but really there is only a sample at the bottom of a very long tree of single branch folders :
aws-support-examples / src / main / java / com / amazon / aws / supportapi / samples /

Which is nice for that one sample but really weird as that is not the obvious use case for someones first use of the support API

I think DescribeCases or CreateCase or Communicate or anything rudimental to support would be a better way to demonstrate this new API.

The face that the API uses the new V4 signature add another degree of difficulty to this API 4 nested HMAC calls and signing is not for the "faint of brain" and beyond me so far. Please some one put more code samples in either the api doc for support API or github or the forums or here if you want us to really use it


Thank you for the feedback!

We released the sample code for the Trusted Advisor integration to coincide with our San Francisco AWS Summit where we announced the APIs and demonstrated API integration with Trusted Advisor. Based on your feedback, however, we are looking into creating a similar sample for the case management component of the API. In the meantime, we have included a number of code snippets in our online documentation. There is also no need for you to play round with Sig v4; that is implemented in the client SDKs for you.

The link to the documentation is: Let us know if this solves your issue.

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