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This being my first look at an SAP product up close and personal, I was really surprised at the usability and ease of setup in demoing SAP Hana One. Even the typical enterprise software inconveniences (can't SSH in until I've accepted license agreement via HTTP) are pretty smooth and explicit in their disruption. It's not entirely clear what AWS IAM permissions are required and why, we need to be vigilant to prevent blanket permission assignments becoming the norm for Marketplace installations or risk overexposing our infrastructure to at best heavy-handed use of dynamics and at worst destructive infrastructure changes from 3rd parties.

It was a little annoying to get the SAP Hana Studio running on MacOSX but with some help from virtualbox+vagrant I got there. Compared to what I considered well polished enterprise software, SAP Hana Studio is really straightforward to use and I really like their 'cheat sheets' functionality to guide me through typical tasks. The demo data included is useful enough to test drive several interesting features and get a feel for what typical workflow might be like.

It'll take a deeper dive to get a handle on the performance, replication and operational characteristics of Hana, but without this sort of demo I wouldn't have even thought of evaluating SAP. Kudos to them for the marketing effort. Hope they push out some greater variety of instance types supported -- especially cr1.8xlarge.



I am using the HANA in AWS to do some exercises, what if i jut wanted to use it for a few hours a day.

Do i have to perform all the steps below every time i wanna stop it?

Terminate the instance
Release the EIP
Delete the EBS volumes that the HANA instance used
You can also delete the IAM user

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