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Kevin van Zonneveld

Nice Jeff!

Up next: Copying RDS snapshots to other regions?
Because even though you can do EBS, there's something preventing us from copying RDS EBS snapshots, correct?

I'm considering writing a hack that is quite cumbersome both in development & server-time spent (snapshot -> clone -> dump to s3 -> launch rds instance in other region -> restore dump from s3 -> snapshot -> shut down clone & restored instance).

That is, unless you think amazon will offer this rather soon?


So what happens to EBS volumes that are attached / mounted dynamically - are they copyed too if they are attached ?
Can you copy a running AMI ?


Thefalken - EBS volumes in the AMI will be copied, EBS volumes from a running instance are not.
An AMI only exists as a non-running instance, so if you create an EC2 machine from an AMI, it becomes an instance of the AMI, and things related to it are not related to the AMI any more. If you delete that AMI, the instance is unaffected. If you copy the AMI, you will copy any EBS volumes associated with the AMI (not related to the instance(s) that were created using it.

Alex Boisvert

It would be nice if you could provide examples of copying AMIs during the command-line tool and/or APIs.

Luis Gonzalez

Awesome, this was a long waited feat (for me), before this it was a slow and not-so-straightforward process.


Frank Munz

Great! A lot of us have been waiting for it ;)

Middleware and Cloud Computing

Jeff Barr

The state of the AMI (as returned by DescribeImages) can be available, pending, or failed.

Jonathan Ekwempu

Great news and a big leap forward.

Nonetheless, we are still awaiting the biggest news on scalability and high availability i.e. the ability to add instances running in different regions to the same ELB while working with Route 53's ability to rout user requests to the nearest region.

Imprimerie Montréal 

It would be nice if you could provide examples of copying AMIs during the command-line tool and/or APIs. This is great blog.

Chris Uttenweiler

Does this utility support copying between commercial regions and GovCloud? Nothing is explicitly stated, yet GovCloud does not share the same security credentials

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