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That's awesome!

When we'll be available to choose between Apache and Nginx for PHP applications in Beanstalk?

Ritesh Gupta

Can we deploy railwayJS applications on the EB for Node.js too? That would be really cool and something I am looking forward to.

Jeff Barr

Ritesh, I spoke with the Product Manager and this is what he told me:

> Yes, RailwayJS is built on top of Express and should work with Elastic Beanstalk. They can follow steps similar to the Express walkthrough to get it setup:

Ritesh Gupta

Hi Jeff,

Thanks a heap, firstly for the follow up and also for the information. This is good information.

Forgot to mention in the first comment, and I should have: Excellent article, thanks a lot!
Looking forward to working with Amazon EB.


James Lukanta

I tried deploying a websockets node.js app, but i kept getting a 502 gateway error. The websockets request seem to never reach the node.js backend. But when I tried a non-websocket node.js app, everything is fine. Can you confirm that currently the elastic beanstalk doesn't support websocket node.js apps?

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