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lol, you guys getting close to running out of IPs in subnet?


For existing customers:
Is a process for "used AZs" coming to move over from EC2-Classic to EC2-VPC?

Or ist it: You are a previous customer, you had instances in almost every AZ, so you are screwed?

Also: What's with RIs? Is there still a distinction between VPC and non VPC RIs?


Is this cost neutral ?
I mean, I'm now going to have a vastly more complicated set up, using more AWS 'stuff', even if I just have the single EC2 instance to muck about with, right ?


How does this affect the EIP limit of VPCs?


@Thefalken VPC doesn't cost anything unless you're using specific enterprisey features. There wouldn't be any cost involved for basic EC2-style usage.

D. Svanlund

From the post: "The PublicIP attribute can't currently be set for existing subnets but we'll consider allowing this in the future".

What about a new subnet in a "Nondefault VPC"? Well, I probably know the answer already, which makes this a feature request. The public IP address appears to be the missing link when comparing "Default VPC" and "Nondefault VPC". Everything else works in the exact same way (after turning on DNS hostnames).

Hassan Hosseini

Thanks Jeff. I thought this blog about VPC Reserved Instances vs EC2 Reserved Instances might be useful for the readers:


Eric Schultze

The current focus in on enabling new AWS accounts and existing accounts new to a Region. We'll simultaneously start looking at building tools and methodologies to help existing customers migrate to Amazon VPC. We'd like to talk with folks to see what methods would work best for them.

Regarding RIs, customers who are using Default VPCs can purchase RIs, they'll only see one type of RI rather than having to select between VPC and EC2 RIs (since these customers can only launch in VPC, there's no reason to offer two types of RIs)

Eric Schultze

Joekiller, EIP limits don't change. If you're launching instances into a default subnet in a default VPC, those instances will receive Public IPs, just like in EC2-Classic, and that doesn't count against any of your IP limits.

If you're launching instances into a nondefault subnet (in any VPC), you will need to associate EIPs, just like you do today in VPC.

Eric Schultze

D. Svanlund - Yes, we're currently working on a public IP solution for nondefault subnets.

Eric Schultze


Today, Reserved Instances can be purchased for either EC2 or VPC instances. No matter which instance platform they're purchased for, the reserved instance pricing will apply to the instance, whether it's EC-Classic or EC2-VPC. The select of EC2 or VPC when you purchase the RI only applies to the capacity reservation in the specific platform.

For example, if you purchase 100 reserved instances in VPC, you'll get the pricing benefit on those 100 instances, whether you launch them in EC2 or in VPC. However, the capacity reservation only applies to VPC. If you launch 100 instances in VPC, those have been reserved for you and the launches will succeed. If you try and launch 100 instances in EC2, however, the launch may fail if there isn't enough capacity to satisfy your request (as the capacity reservation only existed in VPC)

Going forward, for folks who are Default VPC customers, they can only launch instances in VPC, so they are only given a single option for an RI purchase, and that capacity reservation will apply to the EC2-VPC platform.

Doug Daniels

In the new EC2-VPC, can you authorize ingress to other accounts' security groups? The classic EC2 security groups allowed this, which is very useful for service providers.

Jeff Barr

Doug, that feature is not supported but it is definitely on our roadmap.


I've created a new AWS account but haven't got a default VPC in Sydney or Sao Paulo. Is this feature actually active yet?

Matt Rardon

Definitely interested in adding the option to allow existing subnets to have public IPs


I was wondering how I can enable the option "Enable DNS hostname support for instances launched in this VPC." on the vpc creation thought a cloud formation template.

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