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Will Windows pricing see a similar price reduction any time soon?

Eric Hammond

Should AWS customers continue to assume that traffic between AWS regions may be transiting public, untrusted networks? Or, are all of these connections now dedicated, owned and controlled by Amazon?

I realize that Amazon has recommended that sensitive data be encrypted in transit, even within an EC2 region, but there has been a sense that intra-region has been more protected than between regions. Has this changed?


We are happy about these changes. We use servers in South America and noticed a significant price missmatch between the on-demand and spot prices. These hint to us a large amount of unused hardware, so hopefully these changes will also help you to get economical down there again.

Samuel Hale

@Eric Hammond:

I think the pricing probably comes down to a volume discount AWS has negotiated with internet carriers, probably because of the incredible amounts of traffic already flowing between the various AWS "regions". In contrast, and not officially confirmed, it would seem intra-region traffic is probably running over private fiber owned/managed by AWS directly. Hence intra-region traffic pipes are probably dedicated only to AWS, while inter-region traffic is probably still running over the public internet. At least that's my guess. It's also possible they lease metro-fiber carriers to actually handle the intra-region traffic in some markets, but even in those cases, I'd have to assume AWS traffic is pretty well segmented from any other traffic.

Even if Amazon does run it's own fiber between a few different regions, there's no way they can do that everywhere around the world. Unless they really want to become their own Tier-1 carrier... which I kinda doubt they do.

That said, anything sensitive should still be encrypted from the moment it hits any network pipe to the moment it arrives at the other end. It's tempting to omit encryption within a region, and it may sometimes be worthwhile for certain data, but it's also a lot safer to assume every network pipe is insecure until proven otherwise.


Wow.. this really increases Amazon's competitiveness. With the new prices here, it will be even harder to avoid Amazon when talking hosting.


And for Reseverd instances?? Regional Data Transfer Price will reduce too? Because i see in my account activity and is taking $0,250 for South America (São Paulo).

Is not right cost, $0,160.

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