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Nane Kratzke

Sounds so great. Your pace of releasing new services is amazing ... give your customers a chance to keep the pace ;-)


How does this compare with nodejitsu and heroku, specifically for node.js deployments? Would love some sort of comparison. Thank you!

new AWS customer

It's everything I ever wanted as a developer.

David Mytton

The UI looks to be particularly interesting - typically AWS functionality has been launched as API only but since OpsWorks is all about helping management, it makes sense to provide a graphical way to work with the tool. This perhaps shows a focus more towards enterprise users with the core services like compute and storage already defined and available to engineers, this will help larger users define their infrastructure much easier. Providing it for free is a clever move too.

Julien Duponchelle

Very interresting,

How can we deploy background job like Heroku workers? I imagine at this time we need to use custom cookbook.


This looks amazing! Quick question: is there a WSDL for the API anywhere? I can't seem to find it on the docs...

James Toyer

This does look good, and will take some of the pain out of using Chef as well as managing full application stacks.

I notice that right now it only supports Linux instances. Are there any plans to roll this out in the future to Windows instances?

Chris Barclay

@James Toyer: Although Windows isn't supported in this initial release, we're listening closely to what customers need and will be releasing frequent updates this year. Thanks for your feedback!

Samuel Hale

Any chance we'll see VPC support in the future?

It would be great if we could automate some of the tasks of assigning/managing/deploying various subnet groups, routing, and IP addresses.

Chris Barclay

@Samuel Hale: Thanks for the feedback on VPC support. We're listening closely to what customers need to prioritize our roadmap.

Josh Wheatly

Any plans to support puppet?

Simon Beckett

Second on VPC support, also in addition more OS choices or ideally tell us what is required to configure our own base ami that will work with ops works.

Chris Barclay

@Ian: We don't have a WSDL for the API at this time. We appreciate and collect all customer feedback.


Sounds interesting....Any plans to support other app layer like Python


Any plans for puppet support?

Eamonn O'Neill

Hi - really like this direction. I was hoping to see the ability to launch any of the instances or AMIs I've already defined elsewhere. The limited choice of OS's at the minute means this can't be used for SAP software, and we're desperately trying to figure out the best management software for SAP customers. Any idea on release schedules for this service? Thanks.


Eamonn, what OS is required to run SAP in your case?

Chris Barclay

@Simon Becket: Thanks for the feedback. What OS choices would you like to see? You can modify the base OpsWorks AMIs by adding packages to the Layer or Chef recipes.

Chris Barclay

@Sarang: Thanks for the feedback. Let us know what additional app layers you would like to see. We're listening closely to what customers need to prioritize our roadmap.

Chris Barclay

@Ali: We have no immediate plans for puppet support, but we're listening closely to what customers need to prioritize our roadmap.

Simon Beckett

@Chris Barclay: In a pinch, redhat, although ideally a Centos6 AMI. Given that everyone has their own preference, the ability to create your own opsworks compatible with your OS of choice would be excellent.

Andrew Morley

This looks great, but until it supports custom AMIs it isn't an option for us. Our puppet builds can take up to 30 minutes, and provisioning software as an instance comes online just won't give us the ability to scale as we need. We currently build AMIs in a dedicated environment and then push them out to our live environment. Only minor configuration changes are then required to be installed onto the new instance to make it functional.

When are we likely to see support for custom AMIs with opsworks?


We currently do some of this via Puppet so this will help greatly once Puppet is supported.


Any support for Play2 Framework?


This is awesome stuff - just want to reiterate earlier comments, will be great to see Windows support. Will help us close the loop on a lot of things.


Great stuff! it goes with the AWScourse I'll take. Thanks.

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