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FINALLY, IAM login works on iPad (before it would just bring me to a white-out screen with the AWS logo)!

Nice work.


Nooooooooooooo! iOS? :-)

Eric Anderson

Interesting - no iOS support at launch. Nice to see the move to mobile though!


Nice! I've tried to sign in to the regular Console on my Droid3, but it always crashed by browser. This new mobile interface is gonna put a hurtin' on Decaf and the mobile Ylastic site. Can't wait until more services are added to the interface.


For those of us without Kindle Fires, when does the iOS version come out? :-)


Are you crazy?

Where is iOS support?

Magnus Tjerneld

How come the Nexus 7 is unsupported (according to the Google Play Store)? The N7 is meant to be a reference Android device..


My Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810) is also unsupported, it seems.

Please make this app compatible with 7"-9" screens!


Please don't forget the Blackberry Playbook (nad no, I don't want a side-loaded Android app).

Peter Coleman

It's a great thing to know that Amazon Web Services are doing improvements based on people's feedback. I am also a user of Blackberry Playbook and I am hoping that this app works on it as well.

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