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Amazing! Thanks for making our lifes easier. This one came just in time for my new project :)

Do you have any dates for H.265 encoding now that the standard has been approved? And what about more pricing plans based on transcoding time?


Elastic Transcoding is Awesome! Here is how I transcoded a 1080P HD Video

Augusto Rosa

Thank you for this. Would you happen to have a date for support for WebM and ogg formats? With all the new trends towards responsive design those formats are kind getting requests more and more.


IT Support

In my opinion the strongest points of the AWS Elastic Transcoder is its web management console which makes it very easy for those that don't have the time or capability to work with the API to fire off some quick transcoding jobs.


I'm curious whether you've considered doing something similar for XML content. For example, the user could specify the S3 bucket (containing the XML) and an S3 bucket containing the target format (perhaps, an ePub format, xhtml, json, etc.) One additional S3 bucket containing the stylesheets used in the transform would need to be specified. Similar to your video formats to specify, the user would specify what root stylesheet from the S3 bucket they would like to use for the transformation. Other referenced stylesheets (from the root stylesheet) could be accessible in the S3 bucket using publicly available S3 urls.

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