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Rajesh Dhawan

Are later copies of the same snapshot transferred as deltas (if the previously copied snapshots are left intact on the destination) or are they always transferred as full copies?

Chetan Agarwal

EBS Snapshot Copy does not currently support copying the incremental changes of a previously copied snapshot. However, we do see value in copying the incremental changes of a previously copies snapshot and may plan to include this functionality as an enhancement to this feature.


Does this mean I can copy an RDS snapshot between regions, and therefore easily move my database betweens regions?


I could not find the Java API to automatize it. When will it be available ?

Chetan Agarwal

We are working on updating the SDK to include this API and expecting it to release by the end of this week.

Chetan Agarwal

Currently, customers can not copy RDS snapshots using this feature. We may plan to include this functionality in future.

Chetan Agarwal

The updated EC2 SDKs are released to support the EBS Snapshot Copy feature.


How about enabling the same for RDS snapshots, so we'll have a degree of cross-region redundancy?

Rob Olmos

Feature request: Ability to copy the EBS snapshot to a different AWS account as well

Will Kessler

Any sense of when AMI copy will be possible? And will it support copying EBS-backed AMIs, not just the instance-store volumes? This is critical for my usage. Thanks!

Suman Srinivasan

+1 for the AMI copy feature. This would be really useful for restoration and high availability scripting.


Where are the new Java SDK ? Couldn't find on


Is it possible to copy a snapshot from region X to region Y as described above, and then in region Y use the copied snapshot to create a new AMI? In theory this can be done as the AWS console allows creation of an AMI from a snapshot. However I am not sure if this is supported or there are issues we need to be aware of. Would this effectively accomplish "moving/copying" EBS backed AMIs across regions? Thanks.

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