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Andrew Chilton

Hey guys,

Big congratulations from all of us who use AwsSum. :) Can't wait to see what you've got and how you've done it.

It'll also be good from the Node.js community that we have been officially recognised and I hope you get lots of people use both the aws-sdk and awssum. Let's make Node.js the best supported language for great API libraries.

Andy (creator of


Global state is generally frowned upon. I hope that config line is just a set of defaults, and that you can instantiate multiple clients with different credentials/regions in the same Node process. Yes? Yes.


Aha! Regarding my previous comment.... looks like the fact that Clients also accept credentials was left out of the Getting Started Guide, but is painfully obvious in the API docs.

Great job, team. :)

James Cook

Is this library written following Common Modules specifications. It would be a shame to make this library only accessible to users of NodeJS. There are other server-side JavaScript developers out there on other implementations.

THat said, are there any specific NodeJS libraries needed to use these libraries?


Love the recognition of Node, but could you please explain what makes this different from:

Besides being the "official" Amazon package?

A. Non

What's the benefit of official AWS support for Node.js? Can you just load the Node.js package onto your own instance on your own?

Trevor Rowe

The "global" configuration is only a default configuration. You can construct clients with credentials/regions/config and these are merged with the default config. We'll try to point that out better in the getting started guide.

Trevor Rowe

Some of the benefits of the aws-sdk for Node.js:

* Retries errors (network, throttling, etc)
* Uses an exponential back-off retry strategy
* Modeled response data (type conversions, lists are always represented properly, property names are normalized, etc)

We are really excited to get this released to get community feedback. We will certain use this feedback to guide the direction of the SDK.


Seriously, why don't you use the established node.js callback syntax?


Another huge benefit:

* The AWS SDK owners are generally pretty *awesome* about releasing SDK feature support as part of said feature's launch. It's great to be able to read about a new feature here, then immediately pull down the SDK and try it out.


aws-lib gives you support for almost all other AWS services except S3 and DynamoDB at the moment:


+1 on Martin's comment. It's a bit strange to not adhere to the established callback idiom for node APIs.


Glad to see Amazon reaching out to the node.js community! This will help our team a lot.


Thanks for sharing this. It looks really promising.

One question pops up though: As far as I can see there's no streaming interface to S3. Am I missing something or wouldn't that be the obvious way to get/put files?

Fabien Delahousse

Hi guys,

I've got a issue with the aws-sdk install on a ubuntu AMI

/wscript:15: error: The program ['xml2-config'] is required

After some research, i found the fix :

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev

For sharing :)

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