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Very cool - thanks a lot for sharing. Any chance you would consider posting a more detailed technical architecture of these apps and its usage of AWS services?


Great post. Would love to know more details as well.


Interesting, I had a debate in 2008 that elections could be a good use case for the cloud, so this article is a confirmation of vision

Jeff Brown

Interesting post; like the others, would like to know more details of architecture.

Catherine Fitzpatrick


I wonder if you have any insights into why Romney's Orca failed and whether they had the same kind of cloud computing.

Also, I'm wondering in general about interactive dynamic systems like this. For example, Second Life has 70,000 concurrency and easily has millions of financial transactions or inventory exchanges or teleportations or whatever in a four day period in this virtual world. As you know, it has something like 28,000 simulators and I believe that it therefore has 14,000 servers operating at once.

But is there something different about the challenge of taking all those volunteers in the elections trying to get the GOTV information and then make phone calls based on it? Is there some greater dimension to this technical challenge?

In other words, I'm wondering if the election-day call challenge is something that a MMMORPG, or a call center that helps people with subscriptions or tech support, in fact faces 100 times over every day as a matter of course.

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