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Ameer Deen

Congratulations and welcome to Australia, we couldn't be more excited :) !



Now we just need the pricing calculator to be updated with the new location prices.

Giri Fox

It's such good news for Australia.

Phil Hall

Very excited... this will really make a big impact in Australia.

Although there are already others with local presence - the Amazon New Asia Pacific Sydney Region will become the tipping point for change and more rapid cloud adoption across Australian businesses. This will be game changer and all local infrastructure providers will be impacted - as this will bring more competitiveness in the industry.

Huge congratulations to all involved!


long awaited. all in all its an excellent news!

Elgin Lam

Congrats, we've been waiting for you!


What about Glacier? I wonder why that service is not available?


This is a huge moment for Australian business! Hopefully Adobe will release new AMIs for Adobe Media Server for the Syd region.

Marc Bailey

Welcome downunder, Amazon. Glad to be working with you at Macquarie University.


I worked on the CommBankAus project in '09 and glad to see that all the planning and proof of concept is coming to fruition.

Andrew Chilton

Hey Guys,

Great news for us New Zealanders (heh, and the guys in Aussie). And to celebrate, AwsSum has just had a new release which has support for AP_SOUTHEAST_2 - a.k.a. Sydney.


Thanks for coming to this side of the world. Looking forward to migrating my instances over in the near future.



Oliver, looks like the AWS cost calculator has still not been updated, you might find PlanForCloud useful. We always have uptodate prices from various clouds, including AWS Sydney.

Rakefet Shohat

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When will Redhat instances be available for AWS Sydney?

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