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Thank you AWS team. These are much needed steps.
Is it possible to have something simple too?
For example, a dropdown against a "folder" and/or file in S3 with an option to "Move to glacier"?

Andy, CloudBerry Lab

We are pleased to announce that the new version of CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 and Glacier is available. The new version comes with the full support for functionality that allows to Archive Amazon S3 data to Amazon Glaicer.

More info on this feature on our blog at

Note, all this functionality is available in our free version

Michael Belfer Bernstein

Hello Jeff,

This will be very helpful to us.

I got a question regarding the "Request Pricing":

If I have a file in S3 for 30 days and then move to Glacier, how will be charged?
Day 1: PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST Requests - $0.01 per 1.000 requests
Day 30: Glacier Archive and Restore Requests - $0.05 per 1,000 requests

If the file is restored, how will be charged?
Glacier Archive and Restore Requests - $0.05 per 1,000 requests
Glacier Data Restores - Free
PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST Requests - $0.01 per 1,000 requests

This is right?




If the entire object is restored to S3 within 3-5 hours then that means that one will be charged for that fast availability? In Glacier there's the option to restore/download an object over a few days or a month to reduce the cost.

Wouldn't restoring a few Gigs from Glacier to S3 so quickly be too expensive for most users?



Any chance you'll do the same thing for EBS snapshots? Offer a way to transition from wherever they're stored now, to Glacier?


Sounds like a great new feature. Will Glacier be launched in the Sydney region?


The S3 console told me 'This region does not support transition to GLACIER.'
I am using an Asia Singapore S3 to storage my files. Is there any schedule for the support.
Or is there a list of current support regions.


Hervé Werner

Hello Jeff.

Nice option indeed. However like Jason, I'd rather have a simple command "move to Glacier" so that I can easily archive one or more files.
Is support for EBS snapshots planned ? It would be nice to be able to archive a whole EBS.


Jeff Barr

Herve, you can find the list of supported regions at .


Hi. Glad the transition to Glacier option has been added, and thank you for answering most of my questions in this article. One question, though:

Glacier has a number of regions (N. Virginia, Oregon, N. California, etc.) which are different than the S3 regions if I'm not mistaken. The console interface for setting a rule to transition items to Glacier makes no mention of the region. Is there a way to control the region being used for Glacier storage? If not, is this planned, and in the meantime which Glacier region is used?

Thank you!


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