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It’s great with new instance types, more options means that it’s easier to get the right price/performance fit. Hower, it’s too bad that these new instances are EBS-only, considering the problems of EBS the last few years (almost all outages have been caused by EBS, or had a severe impact on EBS backed instances while non-EBS instances were unaffected). Are there plans on making these types available without having to back them by EBS?

Nuutti Kotivuori

I believe micro instances only have 613 MiB memory, instead of 1.7GiB. Unless, ofcourse, you've gone all christmas on us.

Michael T

Shame there's no ephemeral storage, so you're stuck with EBS, a single point of failure that has failed several times before and costs more to boot. You can count me out.

Jeff Barr

I apologize for the typo! The micro instance has (and always had) 613 MB of RAM.


Great news, but it's not that great because we EU people have to wait till 2013 :) What about the price reduction on existing instances, will it be applied to EU region as well?

Hassan Hosseini

M3 is looking great! Are there any plans to add more of these instance types? M3 4XLs, 8XLs etc?

The lower prices are a bonus! All prices have been added and updated in PlanForCloud for users to forecast their cloud costs. I will be sending an email out to our users to give them the good news soon :)


Phil Hemmis

Why only EBS?!

Frederick Cheung

How come m3.xlarge has only moderate IO (when m1.large and m1.xlarge have high IO) and neither of the new m3 instances can be EBS optimised ?

Bryan T

Lack of ephemeral disks is a huge impediment to me using these instances!


Please make all instance types available as both EBS and instance storage. Like Bryan, we don't use EBS backed instances (EBS adds an extra centralized point of failure which we can't take, we instead architect to allow for individual instances to fail) so we can't use these instance types.

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