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I was so excited when I saw the email about redirects, only to be quickly disappointed to find that it doesn't provide what I've been asking for a long time. Kinda like the kid who has been pining all year for an XBOX for Christmas only to open his present and find a used Atari 2600 circa-1977. :-(

Here's what I'm looking for, and it would seem like it would be trivial to implement: When a bucket is configured as a website either

1.) Allow the website's error document to be an absolute URL (to another domain) and if so then redirect to the url including two query parameters: error_no and object_name.
2.) Add an optional 3rd URL to a bucket's "Website" tab used for 404. When the URL is specified redirect 404 errors to the URL with the object name as a URL query parameter.

If you do this then we can use Amazon S3 for image hosting on demand. When our website HTML references an image object that doesn't exist on S3 we can have S3 configured to redirect to our website for the image which will serve a local image and kickoff an automated upload of that image to Amazon S3 so that next time that image object is requested it will serve from S3. This is important because images can be resized so there are effectively an infinite number of images that could be served. And I want to build a WordPress plugin that would use Amazon S3 for image hosting in this manner.

Onno Benschop

Can you use this mechanism to do a naked (or apex) domain redirect?

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