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Bobby Warner

When will RDS support PostgreSQL?


Bobby I wouldn't hold my breath, obviously supporting an open-source, reliable, largely SQL standard compliant RDBMS isn't a priority for Amazon RDS.



Maybe I should be asking these questions in the support forum, if so, my apologies, but two questions.

1: Why is it that when I "modify" my MS SQL Server instance, I'm able to set "Multi-AZ" deployment to "Yes". However, if I try to launch a new SQL Server instance, I'm NOT able to choose "Multi-AZ Deployment" as "Yes"?

2: If I have an existing 2008 instance, I notice I'm able to "modify" my instance and choose the 2012 version.. but is that a supported way of upgrading to the new version?



This announcement doesn't say whether or not RDS supports Multi-AZ and automatic failover.

Rohini Gaonkar

It may not be priority now, but I feel AWS will never stop amazing and surprising its customers. And who knows it may just be around the corner, after all PostgreSQL is considered as an "advanced" open-source RDBMS database.

Thanks for the quick post Jeff.

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Gerardo Delgado

This is a great addition to the RDS family and I will be implementing this soon in my VPC. I would like to know if the same multi-AZ feature as is available in MySQL and Oracle RDS will be available for the SQL RDS. I have some mission critical production applications I would like to put on SQL RDS but a little reluctant to do that till a multi-AZ feature is available for SQL RDS.

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