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Thanks for this great feature! As international AWS customer I have no US driver's licence, can I still sell on the marketplace? Should I fill in my local driver's licence number? Yes, I have US bank account. Thank you.


do you think that in the future there will be a way to sell reserved instances for non us-bank-account owners?
I understand that a non-us company can sell instances by having a us-bank-account, but AWS is a worldwide service, this limitation is frustrating


Any chance this will come to other offerings as well?

Would like to have the same flexibility with changing things/selling reserved in RDS.

aaron klein

This is an interesting feature from a buyers perspective -- it is always worthwhile to check after assessing instance need and term.

I think, however, users should resist the urge to buy larger/longer than necessary in the belief that they can easily offload unwanted instances in the future -- have to guess that these will trade at a big discount or, if AWS lowers prices,be impossible to unload.

More thoughts on it at


What I miss most in Reserved Instances is the ability to upgrade an instance. If I pay for years and suddenly I have to upgrade, I ended up losing money... why not just pay the difference to upgrade (or renew for 1 more year) and not lose the investiment ?


When will we see the ability to sell with a non-US bank account? Why do we need a bank account at all, why not just credit it to our AWS account?

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