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Jeff, our web application uses cookies to track the session state of our users' logged-in session. We serve static content (images/flash) from CloudFront (S3 origin) that we want to protect from users that are not currently logged in to our application. Will the new cookie feature (session cookie possibly sent to our EC2 instances from CF?) allow us to deny requests for invalid cookies (users not logged in)?


Angelo: Maybe look at generating signed S3 URLs for logged-in users (for content whose S3 permissions aren't public-read):

The new CloudFront feature doesn't change much for S3 origins, only for custom origins pointing to cookie-aware servers.


Are there plans for support for http post and SSL? Without the first of these, developers have to think about cloudfront at dev time, rather than leaving it a networking consideration - that stinks. Akamai, CDNetworks and all others with support for dynamic content keep it simple - I just cname, say what i want cached and what I want to proxy in real-time and voila - no changes to my origin. Amazon makes me think about what url to post to vs. get to, can't run an JSON API over amazon that uses delete/put etc. - you're cutting off your user base a bunch by not making transition to cloudfront from a non-accelerated app easy (or even from the established players).

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