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When will the service be open to non-US requesters?

Amazon Cloud Management

Hi Sharon and company, I recommend workers to Mechanical Turk quite regularly. Unfortunately at this time none of them (in the last week) have been able to get approved. All of their approvals are still listed as pending. We've all sent emails and not one of us has heard anything back from your company. We've looked for a phone number for direct contact and still nothing. Please help us all we want to do is support your system.

Dan Benton

You would get a whole load more people from the UK if you actually let UK based companies use the Mechanical Turk! :-/

Steve Morris

Mechanical Turk is a great service but it is very frustrating that it is not available outside the USA. Are there any plans to extend this? I understand that there are regulatory issues, but I would have thought that verifying the identity of existing AWS customers in other countries should be possible.


Wow, I love this kind of service. Too bad, that it is only for the US. I also would like to know, if there exists any kind of chance to get it in Europe within a short timeframe?

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