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Sebastian Edwards

Awesome. Hope you support tagging ELB soon

Eric Anderson

This is really awesome - we'll be using it at CopperEgg ( since we use lots of AWS and really need to split it between dev, marketing, and cogs.


Mike Kavis

Thanks! I big time saver.

Chris Adams

This is great - will it eventually make it to the basic activity reports or cloudwatch as well?


That's great!!

Can we do step 3 (Tell AWS Which Tags Matter) programatically ? I mean, every time we create a new tag, do we have to go to the portal ?


Lots of kudos to the AWS team for this feature - finally! Lots of multitenancy app running on top of AWS will be very grateful for that. No more hassle with lots of account and phone activations!

By the way, is this also integrated with consolidated billing? What happens if you add an account with tagged machines to a consolidating billing account?

Tej Kiran


We are please to announce a new version of Bucket Explorer includes the newly released feature of S3 for Bucket Tagging - You can download the latest version from Bucket Explorer's download page -

As always - we value your feedback for improvements - we can be contacted at


Rohini Gaonkar

Thats a really good enhancement.

Wish we could allocate costs according to the IAM Users.

Also it would be so good to see more granular report if a resource is automatically tagged with IAM user id that created it.

Its difficult to understand who launched/created which resources and if the bill is as expected.

Reblogged at my blog site :


Dear Aamazon, IMHO, CloudFront needs some love here, could you please charge bills based on different distributions? It's quite important for an SaaS business.

aaron klein

This is a very valuable feature. Given wide variety of services and varied pricing and purchasing options within each service, greater clarity for cost assignment is always helpful.

For those interested, CloudCheckr ( is a complimentary cost solution. Besides offering high level best-practice cost guidance, CloudCheckr allows AWS users to quickly identify underutilized/overexpensive AWS resources, suggest licensing purchasing suggestions to generate optimal purchasing decisions, and further refine the AWS cost analysis.

Andy Goldschmidt

very nice feature... does this also work with consolidated billing ?

so if we have mutiple aws accounts setup and each has the "Cost Allocation" setup with the same "tag" name - would those all appear in the single report ?

Jacob Elder

CloudFront and SQS would be very helpful, too.

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