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Awesome! Thank you very much for supporting Python on AWS, and I'm thrilled that you highlight Flask as well as Django.


Getting the DB settings via env variables would be highly useful for non beanstalk apps, too.
Best way to do it, might be allow attaching db usernames etc. via an IAM role to ec2 instances.


Awesome enhancement! Except, when is this going to be released to the other EB types (e.g. PHP)?

It's unfortunate that some of your loyal fans, who have been on EB since the beginning, are being left out of new features.


Good news, I'm sure that will mean support for Perl via PSGI / Plack, like Heroku, dotCloud and others offer.

After that maybe RDS will support PostgreSQL.

And then everyone will get a pony.

Gavin Baker

I took the Flaskr sample app from the Flask documentation and adapted it for EBS. The code is here:

One thing the docs don't really clarify that you use the "aws:elasticbeanstalk:container:python:environment" setting in python.config to supply AWS_KEY_ACCESS_ID and AWS_SECRET_KEY to the app.

It uses DynamoDB as it is quick and easy to set up, and works with the free usage tier. Just open /initdb first to create the schema. (Yes, this should be done in a "leader" script.)

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