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Samuel Sutch

Right on. Will you be adding support to CloudFront at any point in the near future?


oh man this is awesome! thanks for the post @Jeff!


Lovely. Clients use S3 together with our service and have asked about using it for fonts. So easy to switch on, too! Thanks.


Thank you! I really wanted this feature for long time.
S3 will be even more usable for me now.

Criação de Sites

Thanks for the sample CORS configurations. They really helped me!


I'm not sure you guys knew this, but uploading using HTML5 only and direct POST was already possible before this (was I really the only one who figured this out? I doubt it...). You just have to hide an iframe containing a JS file on S3 to proxy the upload through, using a mixture of postMessage + JS blobs. Obviously doing this through CORS is much more straightforward, but it was by no means impossible before this.

For an example of the implementation, look at Drag + drop, upload progress, direct to S3. Contact me on Twitter if you have any more specific questions about how to do this (@dwlz).


I Just finished porting our Chrome Extension over to using CORS/HTML 5 for uploading. Awesome, thanks!

Here's what it involved:


Thanks for the best Jeff. CORS will be a great addition to S3. Going to make use of it now.

Account Deleted


New version of S3 Browser Freeware comes with supports for CORS configuration:


For anyone who might be interested I put together a couple examples of using this new feature with XHR2 and the FileAPI (both supported in newer browsers). Along with the Javascript needed I created an example of signing a PUT request in both PHP and Ruby. You can find all the source here:


Does anyone know if it works with IE? And if so, which versions? And has anyone managed to put together any sample code in Javascript?

danny korenblum

just in time! thank you amazon


Hi, how would one do this using s3cmd? I want to update my chef recipe that creates the buckets.


Thanks for this writeup, Jeff. My question is 2 part:
1. Would it be more effective to just have the file uploaded to the web server (EC2) first then transfer the file over to S3 to avoid non CORS compatible browsers?
2. I'm using a php image resizing script that resizes the image in real time... So I need a solution that stores the full sized image in S3, then fetches that fullsized image directly from S3 and resizes it in real time when the image needs to be displayed. Is this possible with the method you've outlined in this post?


There is a rails plugin that does resumable uploads from the browser here doesn't support anything less then IE10

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