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very cool. as you know we had a lengthy discussions about RDS supporting APEX one day, so finally it is there!


Middleware and Cloud Computing

Arthur Schmunk

This is one of the important announcements of 2012

Pat Miller

Can someone explain how to set the password for the apex_public_user account (is that the same as the 'admin' account for apex??)

Also, would be helpful to have steps for creating the http Apex listener.

Also -- is web front end for Enterprise Manager available? How do you get that set up.

Sorry for all these questions but those are all 'done for you' when you do the install scripts for Oracle.


Pat Miller

Last year when Apex was not available directly from RDS I just ran the Apex install on the same EC2 server that I had the DBMS installed on. The ORacle install scripts took care of OEM as well. Why do I have to set up a separate http instance in EC2 to get Apex running?? Do I need that for OEM as well. I selected OEM option and it looks like it defaults to port 1158, but I cannot get it to respond.

I thought this RDS service would make it simpler!! Maybe with some good documentation for the complete process it would be, but right now I am 'stumped' till I know how to set up the http service.



When I installed Oracle 11g last year on EC2, the install scripts automatically created the http services for Apex and OEM on the same server. If you are now requiring that a SEPARATE http instance has to be set up in EC2 for Apex, then that seems to me to defeat the whole idea of a turnkey cloud solution for Apex which I think was the whole reason for the many posts regarding Apex availability in the first place!! If it is true that we need to still set up a separate http server, then can you or someone post documentation that can explain how to do this and how to install Apex there and point it to the database. Again, that seems crazy when the Oracle install for 11g creates the http service on the same server as the Oracle database.


Alistair Henderson


It is may not be from the AWS guys but I have put together some info and configs around this area

Hope this helps people


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