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excellent - when will this be rolled out to normal EC2 instances and ELB's ?


yes, we need this for regular ec2 instances please!


How does this affect network throughput? Does an instance with two NICs (each with a single IP) have the same network throughput of a single NIC with two IPs?

Jeff Barr

Corbett, this is covered in the EC2 User Guide ( )

"Attaching another network interface to an instance is not a method to increase or double the network bandwidth to or from the dual-homed instance."

Daniel Schrader

So could I use a virtual firewall (a Vyatta, for example) to route and firewall between IPs in an instance?

Jeff Barr

Daniel, yes you can! This is the multi-homed model, which I described at .

Sean Bannister

Totally agree we need this for instances outside of VPC.


+1 for regular EC2, please.


For those requesting this outside of a VPC, you won't be able to do that because you are using dynamic IP addresses. If Amazon ever decides to permit static addresses like they do in a VPC, you would then be able to do the above of multi-homing. Until then, simply move to a VPC, it's not difficult.


"....with proportionally smaller limits for the less powerful instance types. Inspect the limits with care if you plan to use lots of interfaces or IP addresses and expect to switch between different instance sizes from time to time...."

What is the breakdown ? We want multiple IP's on the M1.medium platform.

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