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Sven Ramuschkat

Yes great ... the next thing we need is ... cost center support and EUR based pricing ;-)

Sven Ramuschkat

Ed Byrne


We created an app using this new billing data! If you enable it and give us IAM credentials (ideally with read-only access to more than the S3 bucket so we can meter more for you - but the S3 bucket is all that's required) we give you some nice visuals and a breakdown of where you are; you also get reports and get set alerts. It's only a start - but hey it's only day 1 - we'll extend it based on feedback. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

More info here:
Signup here:


Jeff, When looking in the billing information in AWS console, there are separate items for reserved and non-reserved instances. It is clear what lines refer to which.

In the billing report in the bucket this information seemd to be missing: except the one-time fees it's completely unclear what is charged by reserved reates and what is not.

Am I missing something?


Paul Baclace

Does it matter which region is used for the destination S3 bucket? Will it be updated with activity from all regions?

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