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Great news for down-under, cheers aws!


Congrats to amazon S3 for adding new edge location in Sydney, Australia.
From : Bucket Explorer Team (



Hopping you add EC2 in the near future :)

Martin Orliac



You said custom origins twice ... I like custom origins!
Well done AWS. Long time coming.


Raj Mehta

Wow a new server addon in Sydney Australia. This will be helpfull to decrease loadtime of our websites in Australia also.


Qloudstat ( has just added support ( for the new edge location with pricing metrics updated and SYD1 being available in the edge locations analytics report.


Well done to the AWS team - I know some people down here in Oz who will be very happy (namely myself!)


You've just launched the first awesome DNS hosting in Australia. Thanks Amazon!

oasis:~$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=46 time=15.666 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=46 time=15.966 ms

How do I set things up so my users get the DNS server nearest them? Do you have anycast IPs?


Do we have to take any action to take advantage of the Sydney edge location, or will this happen automatically?

Jeff Barr

Andrew, if you are already using CloudFront or Route 53, your requests (or those from your customers) will be routed to the most advantageous edge location without any action on your part.

andrew winter

Unfortunately, as I finally found out from gold support, only one of the 4 DNS servers has an edge location in Sydney. If this was clarified in the original blog announcement it would have saved me several hours.

Are there plans to add the other 3 DNS servers to AU?


Colm MacCárthaigh


For availability reasons, all four Route 53 name servers for are never provided from a single edge location - at most 2 are. This is to ensure that if an edge location fails, or if a network provider drops traffic, that at least 2 other name servers are still reachable and Route 53 hosted domains can be resolved.

At present, our Sydney site is handling traffic for one name server per hosted zone, and we will shortly be increasing that to two. AWS is constantly expanding our list of edge locations and we'll be keen to add service for the other two name servers per hosted zone in the Australia region.

In the meantime, our measurements and experiments tell us that recursive name servers generally "home in" on the closest available authoritative name servers. Recursive resolvers typically query each of the four authoritative name server concurrently until learning which out of the four responds the fastest - and then prefer that name server for queries. Because of this common behaviour, we hope to achieve a good balance between speedy lookup times and 100% DNS availability.

Amazon Route 53

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