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Glad to see RDS continue to improve. We are really hoping to see Postgres support announced, as it is a top-notch open source alternative to Oracle and MSSQL, and is an improvement on MySQL in a number of places.


Does it support SQL Server Reporting Services?


Great to see new developments, but lack of Postgres is really the main thing preventing us from using RDS.

Simon Buchan

Presumably you're hard at work on Multi-AZ and Failover? Getting point-in-time backups automatically is super-nice, but we're looking at ways to increase our availability as well as durability, and it looks like we might need to move to MySQL unless we want to become database administration experts running our own EC2 instances :(.


we are very disappointed, that there is no VPC Support for MS SQLServer today .. we are just in the process of moving into the AWS Cloud and we were glad to see that RDS is now supporting SQLServer ... when can we expect VPC Support for SQLServer?

Kevin, Bronze Support Customer from Saudi Arabia

Sven Ramuschkat

Hi Kevin,
we have had the same problem .. actually Amazon RDS with SQLServer and Oracle Instances do not support VPCs.
Good news is, that there is an easys workaround:

Just assign the EC2 Instance in your private Subnet a second Network-Interface. This second NIC is assigned to the public subnet and then gets an Elastic IP. Also make sure that the Security Group allows outbound traffic via Port 1433.
Then make sure, that your DB Security Group only accepts connections from your defined Elastic IP. It's that simple.

And the good news is, when Amazon implements official VPC Support for SQLServer and Oracle you only have to delete that NIC and change the DB Security Group.

I also have documented this in my Blog: ... it's in German but Google Translate makes a good Job.

Sven Ramuschkat
tecRacer GmbH, German Amazon AWS Solution Provider


So guys,
what about if you have two different environment TEST & PRODUCTION and they both have different ConnectionStrings 'cause they point to two different DB?

I know I can deploy a version of TEST to PRODUCTION (after all the normal testing) but what about the different ConnectionString? how do you manage it?


Jeff Barr

Joe - Your code could "know" which environment it is running in, and choose the connection string appropriately.

Gary Clarke

Hi Joe
Any plans for offering Postgres running on flash - ideally pcie such as fusion-io ?
I think you would see massive demand for this.
aws instances are notoriously slow for running rdbms such as Postgres because of poor io performance.
Its surprising to me how slow public cloud industry is in bringing flash storage to market -perhaps you could shed some light as to the reasons why ?
i can only find cloud sigma at reasonable price and thats not pcie - hopefully rumurs that azure's new offering launched last week is ssd based will spurAmazon to get it's act together on this !
Regards Gary CEO M4 Systems

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