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Laurent Raufaste

Nice addition =)

Rodrigo Ribeiro

There is a scan option, when used it consumes the table throughput?


That is very nice! It would be great if you could sort the table by a Column :)

John Hayward

Great feature and very useful. Eliminates the need to create management tools for basic operations on your data. Looks like one little improvement would help a bunch. While there is no 'edit' for an item there is a put with replace option. The problem is you would have to re-type every key/value for the existing entry to overwrite it.

There is a 'delete' button when you are viewing an item. I wonder if you could add an 'edit' button there as well? This would allow pre-population of all key/values. A user could edit the individual fields needed and the others would be pre-populated. Then the user could put/overwrite the existing entry.

Seems like it would be a minor change and a major benefit.


David Jackson

An export function would be amazing as well. Would be great to just get a csv with all the data in the table.

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