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Ordered! delivery killed my neighbors dog but... :-) Nice post, enjoyed it!


I'm glad Amazon has come to realize this whole virtualization sham is pointless. We want to pet our servers, to hug them when its cold and we want to protect them from invasions using our 2nd amendment right.

Kudos to Amazon.


that's really a step forward. i am just curious, if there is a plan to extend this to other services like email service or mechanical turk ...

D. Svanlund

AWS continues to innovate! ;)


Would be funny if it were more believable.

Rayson (Open Grid Scheduler)

I will place a few of those Amazon Fresh Servers in my new datacenter that has less than 1 PUE. We are planning to upgrade the datacenter to achieve negative PUE next April :-)


Great April 1st joke!


Is delivery available in Cape Town?


Oh, I see, any lat+long. Marcin, you're set!

Jeff Lomax

Instantly delivered Private / Hybrid cloud infrastructure ready to scale!

Sadly, we overestimated demand and aren't getting the cloud benefits we hoped. Can we just launch the server back up to the satellite?

Account Deleted

Great services, innovation as a Service every day and also good sense of humor :-)
Nice job guys.

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