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How can we update current kernel version with new one.

Jeff Barr

Ashok - this information is in the release notes:

> To upgrade to Amazon Linux AMI 2012.03 from 2011.09 or 2011.02, run yum update. When the transaction is complete, reboot your instance.

Mike Rooney

Great work! I'm looking forward to a new Beanstalk AMI based on this update (as well as an official place to track AWS Beanstalk AMIs, which I can't seem to find).


It seems like the Tomcat 7 upgrade could use a little more work:

Jonathan Q

It's great to have Python 2.7 available - but its not very useful without python-devel for 2.7 too. Any packages that need to be compiled won't work without python-devel 2.7. Had to give up trying to get a uWSGI/Nginx/Python stack working in the Amazon Linux AMI today since uWSGI can't be installed without a 2.7 version of python-devel available.

Jeff Barr

Jonathan, you can install python27-devel to solve your problem.

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