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John C. Bland II

This is great news and I look forward to testing it out this Sunday for our worship services.



I don't understand the need for $5 licensing fee and $5 monthly recurring fee.
It doesn't align with the AWS pay-per-use model.
We already pay $0.43 per hour for a large FMS instance compared to the usual $0.320.


Couple of key benefits of this solution in my viewpoint is the improved time to market (or deliver live content) , the business agility and the flexibility.

Live video is niche and when We are enabling a multi-channel ,Global rich media broadcast network with this in a matter of minutes, It is incredible.

Also, Gone would be the days and $$s one have to spend in creating their own origin-edge servers for Live streaming on a large scale.


Only of value if data transfer from EC2/S3 to cloudfront was free. Currently, i reckon only inbound data to cloudfront is free we still end up paying for ec2/s3 outbound.

This would be a killer feature if S3/EC2 outbound only to cloudfront would be totally free. Then the client ends paying for s3storage + cloudfront edge outbound = Huge value and savings.

Alvaro Antelo

Congratulations, it was incredibly easy to setup!
It took about 15 minutes to be up and running from a FME origin. Cloudformation stack took 10 minutes.
Anyone out there knows how to push a Wowza stream fo FMS? Wowza addon pushplugin connects to Amazon FMS on the correct application and streamname but does not start streaming.


It would have been great if they upgraded the cloudfront servers from 3.5. to 4.5 and you could just make a cloudfront http streaming distribution.

Rose Ector

Aside from the benefits mentioned by Sankar, another advantage of this new live streaming system is that they can be viewed via iPhone and iPad. Thus, it will make the information-sharing process of web-streaming more mobile and portable.


Can someone please confirm:

I'm looking to stream to a large audience of 10,000+ viewers. Will this solution automatically scale to cope with demand?

Do I need to setup additional edge servers or a new cloudformation template?



I'd just like to confirm we will be using a 'High-memory double extra large' or 'High-memory quadruple extra large' for our stream.

Any tips for how to prepare for large audiences and auto scaling?

Thanks + keep up the good work.


this is all great news :)

now can someone explain simply how we can PULL a stream from another RTMP server such as WOWZA?

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